One Church
Many Nations

Rockville Assembly of God is a mixing of PEOPLE
spanning generations and the globe who sincerely love JESUS and PEOPLE.
Our diversity and blended culture creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere
to discover God, build relationships and grow in discipleship.

  • God
  • relationships
  • discipleship


Achieving God's vision for Rockville Assembly of God is reaching the Metro D.C. region to impart the love of Christ with our neighbors, friends, and family. Be moved by compassion to see our world made a better place.



Helping people grow in Christ is a cornerstone of our Church. The Bible says to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES. Our Church's mission is to make disciples that are ready to give an answer for the hope we have, and to use our gifts and talents to grow the body of Christ.



Rockville Assembly of God is a diverse collection of believers that, with God's help, strive to live every day to reach our community. We accomplish this using random acts of kindness and regular occurrences of love. You can expect to see our members in the community making a difference.


Stewardship really breaks down to two things: your time, and your talents. Consider Matthew 25:14-30, in this parable we see an example of invisting what Jesus entrust to us. In this parable we see what the servants did with the time and money they where given.

At Rockville Assembly of God getting involved is easier then you might expect. Wiether you feel called to serve in tech, music, teaching, community out reach, etc. There are ways to use your gifts for God at Rockville.

Investing into Rockville Assembly of God is even easier now. We've partnered with Vanco Payment Solutions to allow our congregation and friends to give to programs, efforts, and tithes easier. We welcome you to give it a try.


Choosing a church is a big deal, we hope you've prayerfully consider Rockville Assembly of God. If this is where you believe God is planting you to grow and serve, then connect with us now with the Connect button or at our Welcome Center before or after Sunday service.

If you would like a bit more information before joining us Sunday select the More Details button.